Weather Sensor-SMacs

Weather-SMacs® is a multi sensors Station with a wide Touch display 5.7", worry-free reliability and simple integration. Accurate in all weather conditions, Weather-SMacs® is virtually maintenance free, and is easy and safe to install without traffic disruptions or lane closures. Weather-SMacs® is an ideal, costeffective solution for all the Meteo detection applications, and can be integrated in temporary application or in stationary detection Systems. It can be integrated with the solutions: "Frost-SMacs®" The Active Road Sensor Station, "Fog-SMacs®" The Visibility Sensor Station, "Meteo-SMacs®" The Multi Sensors Station (Temp- Hum-Bar-Wind-Rain).

Weather-SMacs® can be integrated with TMacs and SMacs Platform through the following module:

System Components

  • - Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof for outdoor installation
  • - Revolutionary, with large 5.7-Inch color TFT LCD display with high brightness and contrast
  • - GPRS data modem to enable constant communication with the Control Center (SIM not included)
  • - Configured and interfaced to SMacs®
  • - Linux, open architecture real-time multi-tasking operating system
  • - Dim. 20.8 x 14.4 x 9.2 cm weight 2 kg


Data storage

Free access to the database to obtain the temporal trend of the monitored data for statistical purposes


Remote control and alerting

Through the SMacs® Platform you can manage your data and be alerted in real time to the occurrence of any critical condition.