Profile Traffic Electronic Classifier

PROFILE-TEC is a device with magnetic induction technology that allows the detection, tracking and classification of the vehicles based on the magnetic profile. Unit for DIN rail detector designed to manage from 4 to 64 vehicular loop with magnetic profile that communicates with TEC Station. Data storage unit on ARM Platform with Web-Server inside. TEC Web Console is the web interface that allows the configuration of the device, the access of the local traffic or remote data using LAN port. Profile-TEC is available for fixed installation with mains supply, from public lighting or photovoltaic panel, complete with back-up battery.

PROFILE-TEC can be integrated with TMacs and SMacs Platform by:

PROFILE-TEC Performances

  • - Manage up to 64 vehicular loop with magnetic profile classification (Up to 32 lanes)
  • - Storage capacity of more than 100 million vehicles, vehicle by vehicle
  • - Vehicle by vehicle detection
  • - Each measurement includes, type of vehicle, lane, speed, headway and vehicle length detection instan
  • - Classification scheme up to 8 + 1 vehicular classes, certified to TLS Standard
  • - Speed Range: from 1 km/h to 255 km/h
  • - Accuracy: Counting 99%, Lenght +/- 0.3m, Tolerance under 100 km/h +/-3 km/h, Tolerance over 100 km/h +/-3 %, Resolution 1 km/h, Typology 8+1 classes certified to TLS Standard
  • - Interface: Ethernet-USB

Available sensors

Profile4-Sens Sens detector unit for DIN rail designed to handle up to 4 loops vehicle with magnetic profile classification that communicates with TEC Station. Up to 16 sens (32 lanes).

ARM TEC Unit Traffic Electronic Classifier

Classifier ARM unit based on storage and local vehicular monitoring. Available version: TEC-Stationary, TEC-Stationary PL, TEC-Stationary FTV, TEC-Temporary.


Web-TEC Console

Web-TEC Console to set the system configuration and download the detected data by ethernet interface.


TEC-SMacs is a Cloud and modular ITS software platform to manage,controll and monitor traffic. TEC-SMacs offers an advanced web tool for remote consultation of traffic data in the Macs Analysis module.