Park Man-SMacs®

Intelligent Parking Counting Solution

Park Man-SMacs® by inductive Loops placed both in the entry and exit gate's lanes of parking lots and garages, used to count cars entering and exiting a parking facility. These counts are captured by the field through hardware device Park Man developed by La Semaforica and sent to the network "Cloud", Platform SMacs® that allows the customers to login into the SMacs® Dashboard to see the level of "occupation" of the monitored areas (number of cars currently within a lot). These counts are also stored for long-term trend analysis, or "Lot Utilization."

Park Man-Smacs® can be integrated with the TMacs and SMacs Platform with the following modules:



  • - Counting of vehicles or counting of free places, from –999 to 9999
  • - 4 inputs with noise immunity, each function +/- reset individual adjustable
  • - Anticoincidence input logic
  • - Output for traffic light or other changing display
  • - Storing of counter totals reading in case of power loss
  • - Compact plastic housing for direct mounting on DIN-rail
  • - Modem GPRS configured on SMacs® Platform


Data storage

Free access to the database to obtain the temporal trend of the monitored data for statistical purposes.


Remote monitoring and alerting

Through the SMacs® Platform you can manage your data and be alerted in real time to the occurrence of any critical condition.


Dynamic management of VMS

Through the SMacs® Platform you can communicate dynamically with variable message signs (Tool: Macs Visual) to inform drivers on the traffic conditions in case of slow-moving queues, traffic jams etc.