Multi Sensors Station (Temp-Hum-Bar-Wind-Rain)

The climatic conditions and/or weather can disrupt significantly the traffic flow performance. The significant reduction of average speeds causes by the wet, reduces the traffic flow capacity of the roads and resulting the increase in travel time, other conditions of heavy rain or strong winds reduce significantly the safety conditions of the roads. It requires that the institutions need to act promptly to inform users of the road, civil protection etc. . of the possible danger. The main goal becomes to contain as much as possible the limitation of mobility and road safety, giving a high priority to the detection in real-time of the meteorological parameters.

Weather-SMacs® can be integrated with TMacs and SMacs Platform through the following modules:

System Components

  • - Compact Weather Station LUFFT WS600 with Manufacturer Test Certificate.
  • - Data acquisition station Weather-SMacs® designed and configured for your Weather Station.
  • - Web SW Macs Weather to communicate and be alerted in real time on the Platform for Smart City SMacs®.
  • - Wiring.


Data Storage

Free access to the database to obtain the temporal trend of the monitored data for statistical purposes.


Remote control and alerting

Through the Platform SMacs® you can manage your data and be alerted in real time to the occurrence of any critical condition.


Dynamic Mangement of VMS

Through the SMacs® Platform you can communicate dynamically with variable message signs (Tool: Macs Visual) to inform drivers on the traffic conditions in case of slow-moving queues, traffic jams etc.



Temperature, Relative Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, Type of precipitation, Speed and direction of the wind.