Loop Traffic Electronic Classifier

LOOP-TEC is a device with a magnetic induction technology that allows the detection and traffic monitoring. Detector unit for DIN rail designed to manage from 4 to 32 vehicular loops (2 with classification sections); act interfacing with type TEC Station. Data storage units on the ARM platform with Web-Server inside. TEC Web Console is the web interface which allows the device configuration, access to traffic data locally or remotely via LAN port. LOOP-TEC is available for fixed installation with mains power supply, from public lighting or photovoltaic panel, complete with back-up battery.

LOOP-TEC è integrabile con la Piattaforma TMacs e SMacs mediante:

Prestazioni LOOP-TEC

  • - Manage up to 32 vehicular loops (Up to 16 lanes)
  • - Storage capacity of more than 100 million vehicles, vehicle by vehicle
  • - Vehicle by vehicle detection
  • - Each measurement includes lane, speed, headway, vehicle length and detection instant
  • - Classification scheme up to 8+1 vehicular classes
  • - Range velocità da 1 km/h a 250 km/h
  • - Speed Range: from 1 km/h to 255 km/h
  • - Interface: Ethernet-USB

Available sensors

lOOP4-Sens Detector unit for DIN rail designed to handle up to 4 lvehicular loop (2 with classification sections); act interfacing with type TEC Station. Up to 8 Sens.

ARM Unit TEC Traffic Electronic Classifier

CClassifier ARM unit based on storage and local vehicular monitoring. Available version: TEC-Stationary, TEC-Stationary PL, TEC-Stationary FTV, TEC-Temporary.


Web-TEC Console

Web-TEC Console to set the system configuration and download the detected data by ethernet interface.


TEC-SMacs is a Cloud and modular ITS software platform to manage,controll and monitor traffic. TEC-SMacs offers an advanced web tool for remote consultation of traffic data in the Macs Analysis module.