Infrared Traffic Electronic Classifier

IR-TEC is a device with infrared rays technology that allows the detection, traffic monitoring and classification of vehicles. Web TEC Console is the web interface which allows the configuration of the device and allows the user to access to traffic data simply by entering their login credentials. IR-TEC can be used for fixed or temporary installations, thanks to its small size and its installation convenience. Available in two versions: IR-Sens-GR for guardrails and IR-B-Sens for poles, available in several colors that allow the camouflage of the device with its surroundings, thanks to the clean, linear design which guarantees absolute discretion. Used in streets, bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways.

IR-TEC can be integrated with TMacs and SMacs Platform by:

IR-TEC Performances

  • - Storage capacity of more than 100 milion vehicles, vehicle by vehicle, vehicle by vehicle
  • - Vehicle by vehicle detection
  • - Each measurement includes lane, speed, headway, vehicle length and detection instant
  • - Classification scheme up to 8+1 vehicular classes
  • - Speed Range from 1 km/h to 250 km/h
  • - Accuracy: Speed 98%, Counting 98%, Lenght +/- 0.5m
  • - Interface: Ethernet-USB
  • - It detects targets at relatively low reflectivity
  • - Ignore any other object placed on the background (beyond the maximum sensing distance, said point of cut-off)

Available Sensors

IR-Sens-GR Aluminium bar 70x10x10 cm with double sensor for installation on a guard-rail or pole
IR-Sens-B Aluminum box 40x18x9,5 cm with double sensor for installation on poles

Unità ARM TEC Traffic Electronic Classifier

Classifier ARM unit based on storage and local vehicular monitoring. Available version: TEC-Stationary, TEC-Stationary PL, TEC-Stationary FTV, TEC-Temporary.


Web-TEC Console

Web-TEC Console to set the system configuration and download the detected data by ethernet interface.


TEC-SMacs is a Cloud and modular ITS software platform to manage,controll and monitor traffic. TEC-SMacs offers an advanced web tool for remote consultation of traffic data in the Macs Analysis module.