Active Road Surface Sensor Station

The road conditions can disrupt significantly the traffic performance. The significant reduction of average speeds determined by the icy road surface reduces the traffic flow capacity of the roads and the resulting increase in travel time imposes the need to act on-time to ensure even in the winter an efficient traffic flow, with an appropriate level of service and overall safety. The provisions of the Highway Code require the drivers to adjust their driving behavior to the specific conditions of the road. The manager of the road network, thanks to Frost-SMacs® is able to implement in a timely manner all the precautions provided by modern techniques of winter roads service.

Frost-SMacs® can be integrated with TMacs and SMacs Platform through the following module:

System Components

  • - Smart Road sensor LUFFT IRS31PRO UMB with Manufacturer Test Certificate
  • - Data acquisition station Weather-SMacs® designed and configured for your Road Surface Sensor
  • - GPRS data modem to enable constant communication with the Control Center (SIM not included)
  • - Web SW Macs Weather to communicate and be alerted in real time on the Platform for Smart City SMacs®
  • - Special cable to link it to the sensor, lenght 50m


Data Storage

Free access to the database to obtain the temporal trend of the monitored data for statistical purposes.


Remote control and alerting

Through the SMacs® Platform you can manage your data and be alerted in real time to the occurrence of any critical condition.


Dynamic management of VMS

Through the SMacs® Platform you can communicate dynamically with variable message signs (Tool: Macs Visual) to inform drivers on the traffic conditions in case of slow-moving queues, traffic jams etc.


Measurements over road surface

Measurement of water layer
Measurement of salt detector, of freezing point e and of the temperature of road surface.